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Do you find baking fascinating and wish to embark upon the journey of being a baker? First of all you need a good trainer as baking is a lot about skill than ingredients. But before you go out looking for classes, here is a list of baking supplies you must have to be able to learn most kinds of pastries, pies or cakes.

•  Measuring bowls, spoons, spatulas, whisks are extremely important as there can be no estimations when it comes to making the mixture.

•  You will require a complete set of different sizes of mixing bowls, a pastry board, pudding mould, etc to make different varieties of cakes and cookies.

•  For decorating, you must have edible colours, frosting ingredients, pastry brushes, scissors and knives, etc

•  You will ideally require a blender, over mitts and this goes without saying; a kitchen timer!

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Cake Supplies: Simple Cake Decor Ideas

Baking a cake is something we all do every once in a while. But with homemade cakes, we barely put much thought into decorating the cake. There’s a reason bakery cakes seem more appealing to us; it is because we eat with our eyes. Let us take a look at a few simple ideas to decorate a cake.

•  After you choose which cake (cupcake, Christmas cake) you wish to decorate, get Cake supplies and start deciding on the fondant or icing you wish to use. There are many flavours you can experiment such as butter cream, Vienna frosting, fluffy frosting, etc. They are fairly easy to make and you will find tutorials over the internet with absolute ease.

•  But when it comes to cake decor, why restrict yourself to just frosting? How much attractive decor on the top of the icing? You may use vegetables, fruits such as bananas, strawberries, etc. Coconut is an unusual but inviting flavour on a cake.

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The Latest Trends In Engagement Cakes (Sydney)

Cakes have always been a big part of any celebration from the medieval times. Right from birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, baby showers, engagements or weddings; cakes are a must in every celebration. While we all see the ribbons and flowers way too often, let us take a look at the wedding and engagement cakes (Sydney) trending these days.

•  It is not about white or oatmeal anymore. Metallic cakes in bronze, copper, silver, etc were a big hit this year.

•  When we talk about layers, frills and ruffles, they aren’t limited to the bride’s dress. Ruffled cakes are high in demand for the bold look and clear lines.

•  Vintage cakes fail to surprise us with their everlasting demand among the brides in Australia. They never go out of style and always add elegance and class to a wedding or an engagement.

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Cake Decorating Shops: Decor Ideas Trending These Days

We judge a food as much as on visual appeal as on taste and flavours. This specifically applies on cakes and other deserts. The more creative I find the decor, the faster I find myself buy it! Let us take a look at some interesting cake decor ideas trending the cake decorating shops.

•  The classics never go out of style. Different kinds of lace such as cornelli, lattice and beautiful flower arrangements remain to be the top sellers and fail to go out of style.

•  These days there is a huge focus on natural flavours and decors. Using nature colours such as blue, green creates a calm soothing effect on a cake that is pleasing to the eyes.

•  Fondant cakes looked never better than the neat beautiful hand painted fondants. People are going back to the old techniques and quite interestingly catching on the markets are hand painted cakes.

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Things To Do Before Opening Your Cake Decorating Shop

You might be baking since you were six. But what do you need to do to become a professional cake designer or open your own cake decorating shop?

– Although training isn’t mandatory, undergoing certified course will help you tune your skills and get a better understanding of the field professionally. Also if you decide to apply for cake designer positions in big bakeries or hotels, the certificate will go a long way.

– Many choose to work in all areas and many prefer to pick a speciality. Some specialize in wedding cakes while some specialize in a decorating area like icing.

– Most cake decorating techniques can be learnt through training but it helps if you have an artistic knack in you. A designer has to conceptualize client ideas into designs. Another must have quality is good communication and client servicing. You must learn to deal with picky customers and crisis situations.

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Cakes Trending This Year

Cakes are an integral part of any celebration; be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. We did our research and here are some of the popular cake trends this year.

– Layered cakes are back in fashion but with a new twist. Seven layered cakes of monochrome colours with the shade gradually fading from the bottom to the top seems to be doing the market rounds these days.

– Flavoured puff pastries are very popular these days. Cake suppliers have noticed a rise in the sale of flavoured pastries recently.

– Some things never fade; One of them being doughnuts. Doughnuts with different icings and toppings are a hit in any party.

There are many recipes and options of decor easily available online. I suggest you pick up the apron and whip up your own favourite. For decorating options, there are plenty of Wholesale cake decorating supplies available online as well as on retail.

For more information on Cakes online in Sydney, visit http://www.couturecakes.com.au.

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Wedding Cakes in Sydney – Things to consider before choosing ‘The One’

Choosing a wedding cake is one of the most important things to do for the would-be bride and groom. The taste needs to be perfect, the design has to be chosen and food allergies need to be taken care of among others. Sounds frustrating? Well, if you plan it in advance by taking in certain things into consideration, this will not be as big a problem.

Let us go through some of the points that will help you choose the best Wedding cakes in Sydney:

–  Opt for professional cake suppliers: Okay, so you have a relative or a friend who is a gifted baker. But then, a wedding is a huge affair with more number of people who would be eating that cake. Even the smallest mistake on their part can turn out to be disastrous. This is why you need to opt for professionals, who regularly supply cakes such as wedding or christening cakes in Sydney. Their expertise will make everything smooth sailing.

–  Pay attention to the details: There are numerous disastrous cake images that you can easily find on the internet. Most of them were disasters because of a missing letter or for icing that didn’t quite turn out to be as planned. This is the reason why you need to pay attention to details and make sure that the cake is perfect. If needed, take a printout or sketch the cake of your choice for the suppliers to refer.

–  Taste, taste, taste: No matter how delicious the cake might look on the outside. If it does not taste as good, then all your efforts will be marred. Hence, plan for cake tasting sessions with your spouse and take your pick.

I hope that these pointers will help you choose that one special cake for your wedding. Visit – http://www.couturecakes.com.au to see what they have to offer.

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